Get Ready With Looké: Day to Night Makeup Look

Steps to get ready from day to night look:

1. Holy Lip Crème Hebe
    Apply Hebe all over the lids as an eyeshadow
2. Eyeliner
    Apply a little bit of eyeliner to accentuate your eyes
3. Mascara
    Apply 2 layers of mascara to add more volume to the eyes
4. Eyebrow Kit
    Touch up your brows and brush it with a spoolie
5. Holy Lip Polish Luna
    Apply Luna on the high point of the cheek for an extra glow
6. Holy Lip Crème Gaia
    Add a little Gaia on the inner lips to create a subtle ombre effect.
7. Pressed powder
    Apply pressed powder on the T-area to blot all the excessive oil throughout the day and to freshen your complexion
8. Add some accessories to complete the look


Enjoy your date