Of course! Our products used Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Halal ingredients that are safe to be used on the skin. Besides, we already have a certificate from BPOM and Halal MUI and also registered in
No. We don’t use paraben in our ingredients.
No. We don’t use the animal in our product testing.

Yes, of course! You can try our product through Looké Beauty App. It’s really easy to try our product just at the tip of the finger. Check here for the details.

You can buy our products at our Business Partners (Distributor NASA) available both Online - at the marketplace and Offline - at the nearby area. To get our product from an online channel, you can choose one of the marketplaces from the product page (here) and then it will be directed to our Partners account. You can choose one of them that is near your place.

To make a review, you need to go to one of the product pages. Then, you can write a review and give a rating for every product on the ‘Reviews’ section on the product details page. After submitting your review, it will not be shown up directly until we accept it. We appreciate your honest review, but let’s keep it clean, short and helpful to others. 
If you’re interested to propose a collaboration with us, please send an email to our email

Yes, we’d love to! We have a program called Looké Pro Artistry to support the professional MUA. Please don’t hesitate to join the program. Contact us now through email